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What Makes a PHNX Home Different?

The PHNX Home design process delivers a custom, site-built home that is fully adaptable to your property and your lifestyle. If you are looking to rebuild your home after one of our tragic wildfires, or want to build a new, custom home that is fire-resistant and climate resilient, a PHNX Home can be your new Forever Home!

Dedicated to making the rebuilding process better for fire survivors, PHNX developed a streamlined approach to design and construction that reduces risk and minimizes the complicated decisions fire survivors need to make. In achieving that goal, PHNX has succeeded in making the process better for everyone - not just fire survivors.

Our streamlined process not only saves time and money during the design phase, but during construction too. Using a combination of cutting-edge proprietary products and methods, readily available traditional materials and a "best of the industry" selection of engineered systems, the PHNX team can design and build your new home in half the time it takes to deliver a traditional custom site-built home.

And remember - a PHNX Home is the first home in the nation to be code-approved as a Type I-A non-combustible structure, and Net-Zero Energy per California Energy Code standards. No one else offers this level of disaster resistance and climate resilience - that's why only a PHNX Home is a true Forever Home.

A PHNX Home has no load-bearing framed walls; this means that both design and construction are less complicated. When design and construction are simple, the project requires fewer field inspections, significantly reducing the time required to build your home. The structural consistency reduces unknowns, making it easier to calculate costs earlier in the process.

PHNX Home is not “modular”, “pre-fab” or “manufactured”; those structures are put together by anonymous, unskilled labor somewhere else and “installed” on your property. There is no opportunity to adapt designs to your unique lifestyle, or even your property; the design is the same whether it has a mountain view in Santa Rosa or an ocean view in Ventura. If you want to add an extra bedroom or a home office to a modular home, you’re out of luck - it can’t be done.

PHNX Home is different - if you have a view, a PHNX Home will embrace that view. If you have grandchildren, frequent dinner parties, or work at home, a PHNX Home will give you the space you need to live your life, your way.

Contact us today and find out how to get started!

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