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Fire & Disaster Resistance

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Type I-A Non-Combustible Construction

A PHNX Home is the only single family custom home in the nation code-approved as the most Fire Resistant, Non-Combustible construction type possible per California & International Building Code Standards. 


Aluminum-Clad Tempered Windows

PHNX Homes feature Sierra Pacific aluminum clad wood windows with tempered safety glazing. Unlike vinyl or fiberglass, these windows will not melt or deform in a wildfire, keeping your home's interior safe.


Insulated Concrete Forms

The only load-bearing walls in a PHNX Home are built with Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). All our exterior walls have a 4-hour fire rating and are approved for Types I & II construction.


Earthquake Resistant

The entire structure of a PHNX Home is fully compliant with all current California codes. The rebar in our ICF walls is what maintains tensile strength for lateral & shear resistance.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof

The roof of a PHNX Home is built with non-combustible, standing seam metal insulated panels. Our streamlined construction methods reduce penetrations, virtually eliminating the opportunity for ember intrusion.


Storm Resistant

In a storm, would you rather be in a concrete & steel PHNX Home, or a traditional stick-built one?

The Three Little Pigs agree!

Climate Resilience


Net-Zero Energy Use

PHNX is the only design/build company delivering single family homes that achieve full Net-Zero Energy status as defined by the California Energy Code. 


Up to 80% Less Construction Waste

The PHNX streamlined design/build method utilizes the best available proprietary, pre-engineered systems. Almost all of our building materials arrive on site pre-cut, ready to be assembled.


No Fossil Fuels

PHNX Homes are all electric. With state of the art appliances that actually  perform better than their ancestors,  you'll never miss the gas.


Concrete as a Carbon "Sink"

Instead of destroying our natural carbon sinks (forests) to build flammable homes, PHNX embraces the future of carbon neutral concrete. Carbon sequestration technology is here - now - and PHNX uses it in every home.


Grid Independent

Every PHNX Home includes a full-capacity solar array and battery backup storage system. While codes still require homes in most areas to connect to the grid, a PHNX Home will not need it. Power will be maintained even during a black out.


True "Forever" Home

No more rot, bugs, rodents

No warping, cracking, checking

No painting

The lifespan of a PHNX Home can easily exceed 3 or 4 times that of a traditional stick-built home. That's a lot of trees!

Design Excellence


Award Winning Team

PHNX partners LCFA Studio & Penna Construction have been winning awards together for nearly a decade. Individually, each has garnered numerous accolades in their 25+ years in the design & construction industry.

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Experienced Industry Leaders

PHNX has assembled an amazing roster of the best in the industry - all committed to building Forever Homes for Everyone. Click on "Who We Are" to learn more about our impressive partners.


Quality Products & Materials

The PHNX Team began developing the streamlined PHNX method in 2019, researching hundreds of products and systems for quality, cost, ease of installation and aesthetics. PHNX materials & methods are the best of the best.


Trending Design

The PHNX design team, led by award-winning architect Laurie C. Fisher, stays in front of trends in color, materials and composition.



As a PHNX client you will get the benefit of full Architectural services, provided by licensed Architects. We design using formal geometric concepts & systems, with you at the center.

Clarity & Transparency


Predictable Budget

PHNX is the first design/build company to deliver an accurate, budget estimate during concept design - before you make any commitments. The PHNX method gives you certainty no one else can.



PHNX Homes are not more expensive than a traditional stick-built home, and they can even cost less. Many factors affect cost; we invite you to use our Cost Estimator tool to explore the feasibility of your Forever Home.


Streamlined Schedule

Because PHNX Homes are less reliant on volatile raw material and labor markets, our homes are faster to design and build.


Trauma-Informed Approach

The PHNX Method was developed with traumatized fire survivors in mind. Building a custom home is a complex undertaking; our streamlined process is much easier to navigate - a preferable journey whether you've lost a home or not.


Get started with your Forever Home today!

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