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The PHNX Cost Estimator

Use this easy form to give you an idea of the amount of square footage you will need in your new PHNX Home, and a rough idea of budget feasibility.

We start with 1,600 SF for a basic Great Room, Kitchen & Master Suite. Check the boxes for desired added features. Enter the quantity of other rooms where indicated. The form will automatically calculate the approximate square footage & construction cost** of your new PHNX Home. Bathrooms specified are in addition to the Master Bath and any other suites selected.

PHNX is the only design/build company that offers an accurate budget estimate with no commitment. For a minimal fee, we will provide you with a concept design and a "slab-up" estimate for your new home. While there are no guarantees, our exclusive PHNX Method empowers us to provide you with a more accurate budget estimate, earlier in the process, than any other design/build company can.

** Construction budgets given are estimates only, from the slab up,  and do not include site work (landscape, hardscape, site walls/fences, etc). Site specific factors such as location, topography, soil conditions and access can influence foundation design and shipping schedules, and may add costs that can only be determined after engineering is completed, or grading has begun. Cost per square foot will also vary depending on total size; homes less than 2,200 SF may have a higher per square foot cost.
Design fees include architectural, structural, Title 24 energy analysis, interior design and permit processing services. Design fees vary for larger homes and/or more individualized service.
Permit fees are wholly dependent upon the jurisdiction and nature of fire rebuild permitting policies, and can only be estimated during the design process.


Get started with your Forever Home today!

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