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PHNX Development Introduces the Nation's First Wildfire-safe Single-Family Home

June 2024

Fully Non-Combustible Home Can Be Built Faster and at Competitive Cost as Compared to a Traditional Wood Home

SAN DIEGO, CA - PHNX Development, a growing force in innovative housing solutions, announced the launch of PHNX HomeTM, the nation's first fully non-combustible single-family home. This pioneering approach to home building addresses the pressing need for safer and more resilient housing options in wildfire-prone regions like Southern California and beyond, where escalating building costs and safety concerns pose significant challenges for homeowners.

The development of a true wildfire-safe home represents a milestone in residential architecture, offering a robust and sustainable alternative to traditional wood-framed construction. With a commitment to safety and innovation, PHNX Development's design utilizes a proprietary wood-free roof system with insulated concrete forms (ICF) for exterior walls.

“Type 1A construction is traditionally used almost exclusively for high-rise structures,” explains Laurie Fisher, president and CEO of PHNX Development. “Others have designed Type 1A homes but were unable to build due to exorbitant costs. With our patent-pending roof assembly, we can build a PHNX Home quickly, and economically.”

Enhancing their attractiveness, a PHNX Home is also net-zero energy, and can be operated independently of the grid. PHNX Homes feature a full-capacity solar array and battery backup storage system, explains Fisher. Even when code requires a home to connect to the grid, a PHNX Home will not need it. “Power will always be maintained, even during a blackout,” she said.

"As a 30-year fire professional, the level of devastation that I’ve seen from wildfires is staggering,” says Art Andres, retired senior deputy fire chief for City of Ontario. “Wherever we have homes that meet Type 1A building code, firefighters can focus attention on controlling the fire, without the distraction of dealing with homeowners reluctant to evacuate. If people know their home is safe, they will be more likely to evacuate as a precaution.”

Consulting engineer Steve Smith, principal of HTK Structural Engineers, marvels at the efficiency of the PHNX Home design and the implications for changing the way homes are built in the future. “I haven’t seen a system like this before,” he says. “There is not just one magic component, it’s the system all together that’s magic. The floor and roof are designed to span further. The beams, with their 6-8 foot spacing reduces labor and provides plenty of room for utilities, which means no trades competing for space. The interior walls are simple light-gauge metal frame and can be framed in three days. Innovation with a touch of magic is the only way to describe it.”  

PHNX Development’s near-term growth plans include the launch of a franchise model, which would facilitate rapid expansion of resilient and sustainable housing across all U.S. markets, as well as opportunities for developer-investor partnerships for new master-planned communities featuring PHNX Homes.

About PHNX Development

San Diego-based PHNX Development has pioneered the nation’s first fully non-combustible, wildfire-safe home design:  PHNX HomeTM. Co-founded by architect Laurie Fisher of LCFA Studio and builder Tony Penna of Penna Construction Inc., PHNX combines innovation with a commitment to environmental responsibility to create homes that are both resilient and eco-friendly. With a focus on safety, durability, affordability, and accessibility, PHNX Development is shaping the future of residential construction through development of custom single-family homes, as well as franchise and master-planned community opportunities. Learn more at or  

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